Melie Bianco is a brand new name on the fashion scene.  But beware! Do not get carried away by the brand’s age.  Melie Bianco handbags already count world famous socialites like Paris Hilton and Kelly Osburne on their client list.  This is one brand you cannot give a miss if you are in love with designer handbags.

Melie Bianco Handbags - High on Fashion
Based in LA, California, Melie Bianco handbags are in close touch with the ever changing Hollywood fashion scene.  The designs introduced by Melie Bianco have been striking, bold and innovative.  Melie Bianco handbag collections carry almost no similarity to other leading brands and this is one major reason why Melie Bianco has gathered enviable recognition in a short time period.

If you purchase a Melie Bianco purse or a Melie Biancho handbag, you are assured of the same satisfaction which so many women around the world have already been enjoying.  Women claim that a Melie Bianco bag wins them compliments like none other.  Testimonials are all over the internet and the print media.  Is there any reason why you wouldn’t indulge in a Melie Bianco handbag and enjoy attention and compliments for your fashion statement?

Melie Bianco Handbags – Genuine Craftsmanship
The designers at Melie Bianco claim that they never compromise price for craftsmanship.  Take your time to go through the Melie Bianco designs we have put up for sale on our online store.  You will realize the genuineness of Melie Bianco’s claim.  They have never compromised price for craftsmanship.

In fact, all their bags are examples of stunning craftsmanship and innovation.  Their popular convertible hobo bags have won the hearts of millions and have been featured regularly on prime time television shows.  The passion Melie Bianco designers and craftsmen have for quality linings and hardware translates into long lasting durable products that don’t age easily.  A Melie Bianco purse or handbag is a great investment to make for instant hike in your fashion quotient.

Melie Bianco Handbags – Butter Soft Leather
Scrumptious is just one nice word that describes the feel of holding a Melie Bianco fashion purse in your hands.  There are so many other words – delightful, feminine, sexy, charming – the list continues.  The super-soft faux leathers that make a Melie Bianco bag simply melt in your hands like warm butter.  Actually, there is no way we could describe the exact super feeling of a Melie Bianco purse; the only way to find out is to experience it for yourself.

Melie Bianco Handbags – Media Darlings
Marie Claire, Oprah, Glamour, Woman’s World, People Style, Life And Style, Cosmo Girl, Duluth, Lucky, Aol Stylelist, Vivi, Self Magazine, Nbc Today Show – Name the magazine and we’ll show you a Melie Bianco design featured in them.  The media has been showering heaps of praise on Melie Bianco handbags and this is surely not without a reason.  Melie Bianco handbags are synonymous with innovative trendy designs that display high quality craftsmanship and are loved by housewives, professionals and celebrities alike.  It is no wonder that Melie Bianco handbags continue to make waves in the media.

Melie Bianco Handbags – Outrageously Reasonable
Melie Bianco has broken the price myth forever.  They have proven that it is not simply pricing that makes a brand into a desirable fashion statement.  Melie Bianco has proven that style rules over pricing by providing wonderful handbags well in the range of $400.  Even Hollywood has accepted Melie Bianco inspite of its low pricing.

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